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Build Colorado Coronavirus Update

Although this is a fast-moving and highly dynamic situation, we are committed to addressing the concerns of the construction industry.  With some of our men and women in the industry still completing essential construction for the essential businesses, we are confident the industry is doing all they can to stay healthy on the job sites as they continue to build Colorado - for the sake of our community and our future.

We know we will get through this by working together and practicing safe habits per the recommendations of our medical experts and government.

The staff of the Associated General Contractors , the Construction Education Foundation,  the Construction Contractors Association and the Hispanic Contractors of Colorado are now working from home and continue to work hard on the much needed workforce development programs in place. We are busy putting together creative solutions to our current situation while keeping the momentum moving forward on the initiatives to add construction workers to our very essential industry.

We will be making a few modifications to our workforce development programs to accommodate our temporary situation and will announce the plans in the near future.

Stay healthy and positive - rest assured our industry will remain strong. Please do not hesitate to call or email us as needed – Bryan@cefcolorado.org or 720.413.1888 


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