Sheet Metal Worker

Salary Information:
$15.31 (entry level) - $30.56 (experienced) / hourly

What it is:
Are you a visual person?  Do you enjoy mechanics and fitting puzzles together?  Sheet metal workers cut and mold sheets of metal into products for installing and repairing ventilation and air ducts.  They also construct airplanes, automobiles and billboards.  Most sheet metal fabrication shops are completely computerized, so sheet metal workers may be responsible for programming control systems on various pieces of equipment.

Work Environment:
Sheet metal workers work in factories and large warehouses most often with large computerized equipment.

Education Opportunities:
Students can start in high school where programs are available and continue training at technical schools, community colleges, and registered apprenticeships or industry training programs.

Good hand-eye coordination, physical dexterity, mechanical and mathematic aptitude.


  • Sheet metal workers can make, on average, almost $46,390 per year.
  • Sheet metal workers often work in factories and large warehouses.
  • Sheet metal workers are able to work with extremely advanced computerized equipment.
  • Sheet metal workers typically have some sort of apprenticeship, technical school education or on the job training