Career Overview 

Plumbers assemble, install, and repair pipes, fittings, and fixtures of heating, water, and drainage systems, according to specifications and plumbing codes. They install and maintain pipe systems that carry water, steam, air, or other liquids or gases. 

Skills and Abilities 

Determine installation, service, or repair needed; estimate time or cost for installation, repair, or construction projects; assemble and install pipe sections, fittings, or plumbing fixtures; cut, end, or thread pipe for gas, air, hydraulic, or water lines; install underground storm, sanitation, or water piping systems; install or repair household appliances; pressure test piping system or equipment for leaks; repair or replace gas, steam, sewer, or water piping or fixtures; braze, solder and weld metal parts or components together; verify levelness or verticality, using level or plumb bob; read blueprints, specifications, and technical drawings. 

Salary Ranges (entry level --> experienced) 

$15.46 - $35.94 (hourly)
$32,160 - $74,755 (annual)