Parents & Educators

Parents: Your input and advice on your son or daughters’ career options is invaluable 

You have done all you can over the years to give your son or daughter the best upbringing you can - preparing them for the opportunities and challenges that they will conquer as they embark on building a great life for themselves. 
One of the most important things left for you to do as a parent is to offer them advice and input on the many career options they have to choose from. 
A career in construction in Colorado is an option that deserves looking into. The industry needs new talent as about 1/3 of the existing workforce is about to enjoy the retirement benefits they have earned throughout their construction career. Construction offers good pay and benefits and a career path that gives them lots of choices that work for their specific needs and desires. This industry thrives on teamwork and welcomes new young people entering the industry with open arms. You can rest assured that they will have support from others around them to help them succeed. 
This website offers real “earn while you learn" opportunities , available now , for your son or daughter. The construction industry is vital to our state and our country and a profession that one can be proud to be a part of. 
We hope you will take some time to explore the descriptions of the multiple types of jobs in the industry and the companies that provide more than just a job – the companies that provide a springboard to a great career. 
Please put a career in construction in your child’s consideration set. Give them an option to help build Colorado. 

Educators: Put a career in construction in your students consideration set 

Your hard work and passion for teaching and molding our children for their role in the future of 
America is so valuable to us all. One of the last tasks of yours as our children graduate from high school is to help them navigate through the wide variety of options they have to choose from. 
 Many will continue their education with formal schooling in college on their way to a great career of their choosing. Others may begin additional education and become burned out and impatient with it and seek a job to earn a living before completing a college education. Still others do not want to continue their education formally and seek a job right out of high school. 
A career in construction offers a great career and unlimited potential for students. Earn while you learn opportunities with continuing education delivered through a mentor or through an apprenticeship program are both possibilities for your students. We urge you to put these possibilities in front of your students as additional options for their consideration. 
Please help us expose your students to the opportunities a career in construction can offer. Help us build Colorado.