Salary Information:
$15.24 (entry level) - $28.86 (experienced) / hourly

What it is:
If you are looking for an exciting career where you can balance from the top of a brand new skyscraper, then ironworking is for you!  Ironworkers place and install iron or steel girders, columns, and other construction materials to form the infrastructure all around us.

Work Environment:
Ironworkers work on bridges, buildings, and any other steel structure.  They typically begin work on the projects as soon as foundations are complete. Ironworkers almost always work outdoors.

Education Opportunities:
High school programs, technical schools, community colleges, registered apprenticeships and industry training.

Physical dexterity, good balance, physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, mechanical aptitude, and welding skills are helpful.


  • Ironworkers can make, on average, almost $42,780 per year!
  • Ironworkers often work at heights.
  • Ironworkers almost always work outdoors.