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It really does take a community to continuously promote, execute and fund the types of programs needed in Colorado that enrich our communities and allow the construction industry to keep up with the needs of our expanding population. We hope you will be joining our mission and we sincerely welcome and appreciate your support.
Since the formation of the Construction Education Foundation in 2002, we have awarded thousands of scholarship dollars from endless in-kind donations from industry members and like-minded companies and individuals for our various education and community-based programs. 
  • CEF was awarded $2,000,000 from the State of Colorado and other foundations to initiate various workforce development/educational programs that provide opportunities for all members of our community to better themselves. 
  • CEF and industry partners successfully worked with Colorado legislators, e.g., Colorado WORK Act for HB19-1008 to integrate “shop” back into high school curriculums. 
  • CEF and industry partners have demonstrated an ability to obtain funding through Colorado’s WORK Act Grant to provide shop facilities and training for high school programs.
  • CEF and industry partners obtained funding from building permits fees (currently in 3rd year). 
  • CEF and industry partners have demonstrated the ability to obtain funding through Colorado’s  WORK Act Grant to provide shop facilities and training for high school programs.
  • CEF, Emily Griffith Technical College and Denver Public Schools have recently received a grant from the OPUS Foundation to develop a Virtual Design Construction (VDC) certificate program. 
Over the last two years, our Construction Careers Now program has added nearly 700 new construction workers to the industry through pre-apprenticeship, tuition-free education.
We have exposed over 2,000 high school students to the opportunities a career in construction offers by bringing educators and industry together through our Careers in Construction and High School Construction Connection programs. Students are now experiencing industry internships and contractors are enjoying fresh perspectives and enthusiasm from their future leaders of their companies. 
The various Build Colorado programs are experiencing tremendous increases in participation from school districts, industry contractors, parents and students who recognize the tremendous future a career in construction can provide. The momentum is building daily!
CEF is focused on creating an impact in the education sector with our youth while exposing others in the workforce to the tremendous number of career opportunities that are available that support our community and our economy... and change lives for the better. 
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