Entry Level

The construction industry has many opportunities for entry level personnel in many types of job categories. Sincere desire,  positive attitude and a good work ethic is what is required.  

You’ll find the entry level pay appealing over many other types of jobs outside of the construction industry and ample opportunities for more than just another job – opportunities to build a lifelong career. 

You can earn while you learn while following the career path of your choice within the industry. Check out the career path tab on this site. 

All you need is a GED or high school diploma. 

You can begin your career in construction by entering the industry through one of our contractor member companies listed on our site with the need for entry level personnel. Many need new personnel as many workers within the industry are nearing the end of their careers and retiring soon. The new workforce and the new leaders of the industry need to be developed now. 

As you enter the industry in an entry level position you will have exposure to the wide variety of career options available. You will be supervised and mentored along the way.  After a short period of time in the industry you will have a better idea of what you may choose to specialize in. Once you and your employer feel comfortable with one another you may choose to take advantage of opportunities to enroll in an apprenticeship that applies to your particular interest.  This education will help you acquire the skills needed to continue along the career path you have chosen.