Salary Information:
$13.40 (entry level) - $35.48 (experienced) / hourly

What it is:
If you’re into sound systems, robotics or tinkering with wires, you should think about a career as an electrician.  Electricians install and maintain all of the electrical power systems for our homes, businesses and factories.

Work Environment:
As an electrician, you are able to work on every type of project and at almost all phases of the construction process.

Education Opportunities:
High school programs, technical schools, community colleges, registered apprenticeships and industry training.

Manual dexterity, physical fitness, good color vision to recognize different wires, aptitude for math, and ability to work with others



  • Electricians can make, on average, almost $48,120 per year!
  • Electricians are essential for parts of any type of occupied building.
  • Electricians typically require training through either certified programs or apprenticeships.
  • Electricians are in high demand in the construction industry.