Craft Laborer

Salary Information:
$10.44 (entry level) - $21.61 (experienced) / hourly

What it is:
Would you consider yourself a jack of all trades?  If so, a construction laborer career might be an option to explore!  They perform many basic tasks on construction sites and mostly work full time.  This occupation would be a great way to get your foot in the door to other career opportunities in the construction industry.

Work Environment:
Craft laborers work on every type of construction project.  Work can be inside or outside, depending on the project.

Education Opportunities:
Can start with almost no previous experience or training.  High school programs, technical schools, community colleges, registered apprenticeships and industry training.

Physical dexterity, physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, willingness to work hard.


  • Craft laborers make, on average, over $32,790 per year.
  • Craft laborers are often an entry position into the construction industry.
  • Craft laborers can gain exposure to most types of construction without requiring specific skills or training.
  • Craft laborers can start straight out of high school.