Construction Management

A career in construction management usually requires a college degree or some type of formalized education in the construction field. The categories that a career in construction management can cover includes commercial, heavy civil including transportation infrastructure, industrial, environmental and residential. 
This career requires several types of management skills including the ability to handle decision making and human resources, time management, cost management, quality management, mathematics, working drawings and public and employee safety.
The construction management pages give you an overview of what you can expect from a compensation perspective based on the most recent earnings figures as reported by the State of Colorado. The industry traditionally offers above average benefits including health care and retirement programs. The exact job postings you will see; and your discussions with the specific construction contractor(s) you choose to contact will spell out exactly what compensation is being offered.
The listings also give you a good feel for the types of tasks and responsibilities required for the specific trades.
Please take your time and browse all these listings as part of your personal process to determine if a career in construction management might be right for you. Once you have selected some that interest you then go to the job postings page to review exact job postings and details of what opportunities are available today. Then simply contact the construction contractor listed on the job posting to discuss the opportunity. 
See below for the construction management listings: