Construction Estimator

Salary Information:
$17.99 (entry level) - $50.23 (experienced) / hourly

What it is:
Do you enjoy puzzles and looking at how things are put together?  Do you enjoy working with cool computer software?  Consider becoming a construction estimator.  Estimators review plans and try to determine the cost to build a project.  Estimators work with many different computer programs when putting together an estimate and often times work closely with a marketing team to get awarded work.

Work Environment:
Estimators frequently work in an office environment, but need to occasionally visit a project site prior to construction starting.

Education Opportunities:
A bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or project management certification is typically required, but it is possible to switch into estimating based on previous construction experience.

Strong math skills, detail oriented, ability to read and understand complex documents, and the ability to navigate computer software.


  • Construction estimators make, on average, over $69,170 per year!
  • Construction estimators work with some of the newest technology.
  • Construction estimators typically require a college degree