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Examples of CEF Programs 

The Colorado Construction Connection (HSCC) program allows direct interaction of industry volunteers with interested students by hosting construction job-site tours and job-shadowing opportunities. The program is currently in 30 high schools for the 2019-2020 school year. The development of the program will be focusing on parent/guardian engagement and job-shadow/internship opportunities for students excited by the construction industry. 
Careers in Construction (CIC) gives local high school students pathways to success in the building trades. As of the 2019/20 school year the program is in 7 districts and 19 high schools in the Colorado Springs and Denver area. The goal is to expand to additional districts statewide. The program has connected students and employers through paid internships. At the conclusion of current school year there are 40 paid internships with a goal of 150 paid internships by 2021. 
The Construction Careers Now Program (CCN) is a 4 week Pre-Apprenticeship program offered at no cost to students. It is an “introduction to construction careers” including hands-on and classroom activities. Students earn a 10 hour OSHA certificate as well as attend a hiring fair with face to face interaction with eager to hire construction contractors. This program changes lives for the better as do all our programs. 
The results since inception in September of 2016 are: 
  • Nearly 1,100 graduates 
  • Nearly 700 now working in construction industry 
  • Diversity stats include 
    • 40% White 
    • 33% Hispanic/Latino 
    • 22% African American 
    • 5% Other 
    • 20% Female/80% Male


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