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How To Make A Resume For Construction Careers

construction jobs colorado education skills education
A resume is not a 100% standard document. For each application, it must be adapted according to the field of activity, the company and the position. When writing a resume for a construction career, it is important to use phrases and keywords specific to the construction industry, which employers also...

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Your Guide to Interviewing for a Construction Apprenticeship

construction apprenticeships recruitment ability achievement
Each job in the construction field requires certain skills and abilities from the future employee. It often happens that a person who wants to work in a certain place does not have the necessary training to get that job, and this could be an obstacle for both the person in...

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Your Guide to High Demand Construction Jobs in 2021

construction jobs guide denver sector
Given that the coronavirus pandemic has led to an increase in the number of unemployed by more than a third, Denver jobs in the construction sector are becoming more and more attractive, especially that they are well-paid. With minimal experience and a degree in construction, you can find work in...

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Will 2021 Be A Good Year for Construction Industry?

Colorado jobs construction industry 2021 objectives goals building companies
2020 was a year of crisis and economic shrinkage that affected all industry segments, construction included. While 2021 looks like another tough year, many experts are optimistic and forecast a powerful come-back for the building industry this year – here is what they say: A more competitive market for subcontractors...

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Why You Should Consider an Apprenticeship in Construction

Things To Consider Construction Jobs Apprenticeships Colorado
Many construction companies today use a great, very efficient strategy to solve their labor shortage issues: they offer apprenticeship programs to talented people who are interested in a specific trade, but have no or very little experience in the field. Apprenticeship programs offer a combination of paid work and learning...

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Why Construction Is a Great Career Choice

Build Colorado apprenticeships construction work employees
The construction industry today is a rapidly expanding and developing segment that is never short of challenges and exciting projects and offers lots of high-paid positions. Here is why seeking a new career in construction is such a great decision: Great pay – construction is among the best, highest-paying segments...

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