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The Top 5 Best Paying Industries in Construction

Top 5 Jobs Construction Industry Leading
If you want a job in construction, you might want to consider some of the better paying industries. Here are 5 of the best and highest paid Denver jobs you can consider as you gradually build your career path in the construction industry: • As a carpenter you don’t necessarily...

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What to Do If You Receive Multiple Job Offers

What To Do Colorado Jobs Multiple Offers
To any candidate who has never gone through the experience of receiving several job offers at once, the subject is probably not interesting. Or maybe it is the kind of topic that makes many people say, "Really?! Who wouldn't like to have more offers to choose from?” But when you...

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A Day in the Life of a Construction Apprentice

construction apprentice young man learning jobs
Choosing to become involved in an apprenticeship program is a smart option for all the people who prefer learning a skilled trade instead of pursuing further college / university education. This route can make people grow up, as they learn the importance of taking responsibility for their work. A construction...

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What is a Construction Apprenticeship

construction apprenticeship program build colorado
An apprenticeship is a form of professional training, carried out on the job, based on an apprenticeship contract. According to this contract, the apprentice undertakes to go through professional training and to work for and under the authority of the employer, which in turn undertakes to ensure the payment of...

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How to Build a Career With a Construction Apprenticeship

Construction field Career Apprenticeship Build Colorado
Construction apprenticeship is a type of professional training, carried out directly at work, based on an apprenticeship contract, through which the employer undertakes to professionally train an apprentice in a trade in the field of construction. The apprenticeship contract is concluded for a certain period and comes to the aid...

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The Best Questions to Ask During Your Interview

People Interviews Colorado Jobs Ask The Right Questions
Is it time to hire someone on the team, and the pressure is to find a professional with those key skills your business needs? How can you choose the right person following a simple interview? In general, there are 3 areas that are analyzed in a recruitment process, namely: motivation...

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