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How Do You Deal with a Gap in Your Employment History?

young man hired new jobs
So you want to get one of the new jobs in Colorado , but you’re worried about what your future employer might think about a long gap in your employment history. After all, there may be a lot of concerns here, especially if you quit your previous job unexpectedly and...

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What Will Be the Seven Fastest Growing Construction Careers in the Next Few Years?

construction jobs industry growth
Did you know that there are estimates of a growing construction industry including Denver jobs and other major cities that could bring about 700,000 new jobs by the year 2024? Despite COVID-19, the goals of investors and industry leaders are to keep building newer and better structures, and their ambition...

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What You Need to Know About the Future of Construction and Construction Work Careers

construction jobs technology increase more advanced new workers
The construction industry is evolving at a rate that most people would never have been able to predict even just a few years ago. New technologies are taking over and new types of highly resilient construction materials are being developed that can often last longer and require fewer repairs, but...

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Journaling About Work Could Help Your Career in Ways You Don’t Expect

construction jobs journaling career relieve stress
Do you know how journaling can help your career? Even though it’s not something you do in public, and you’re not likely to show your diary to anyone else, the introspection work you do can actually help you gain more clarity and improve the way you relate to your work...

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What Do Employers Look for in a Resume in Construction?

construction jobs resume applying interview
Depending on the job you apply for, employers can have various ideas of who they might be looking for and what they’d expect to see in your resume. Applying for jobs in Denver Colorado is, of course, no guarantee you’ll get it, but as long as you know the following...

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What Does an Internship in Construction Entail and Why Should You Consider It?

Internship construction build colorado
If you’re thinking of joining an internship program while still in school to further your knowledge and expertise about specific branches of the construction industry, it can definitely be an inspired choice that will help you kickstart your career. You should know, of course, that there is a big difference...

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