Colorado Growth Spurt – Construction Workers Needed!

The state of Colorado is currently experiencing a “growth spurt” with upwards of 40,000 people moving to the state in 2017, according to the

Women in Construction Week Mar 5-11

by: Maja Rosenquist, senior vice president and general manager, Mortenson Construction

Halfway There

The Construction Careers Now participants who started their journey for a new career in construction back on February 13th are now halfway through the four-week course.

Motivation is What Gets You Started

Life rarely makes things easy for us and in the pursuit of changing our lives for the better, the first step is motivation.

Find Your Best Job in a Construction Career

As a career choice, many people do not realize just how rewarding a career in construction can be.

If You’re a Jack of all Trades, Become a Master of One

The daunting task of searching for a job often times originates from lack of direction and the inability to focus on a particular skill set. Questions of “What am I good at?” or “What should I focus on career-wise?” rise to the surface and make the job search that much more difficult.