Apprenticeships & Education


One of the career paths is being part of an apprenticeship program designed to give a worker skills in a particular trade that are in high demand and appreciated by employers in Colorado and throughout the country.  

Many Colorado construction contractors will sponsor their entry level employees after they complete an introductory phase to determine if the employee likes the construction industry; and is ready, willing and able to work during the day and commit to attending classes in the evenings. Most apprenticeships are completed within a 3 or 4 year period. The apprentice will participate in classroom sessions as well as work alongside a skilled tradesperson on their way to earning a license in the skilled trade they choose. 

The Colorado Contractors Association also has an established competency based  apprenticeship program that is an instructional system in which knowledge, skills and attitudes are specified before instruction takes place. This state-of-the-art competency based training allows a supervisor to test an employees performance against a pre-determined skill level on a specific piece of equipment like a loader. After determining the ability of the apprentice to work independently with no supervision the apprentice can then move on to additional equipment and continue to learn even more skills to make he or she even more of a valuable employee.  

The list below details the wide variety of formal apprenticeships that are offered in Colorado. As indicated on the construction career path chart the path to success begins with a job with a Colorado construction contractor.  

Asbestos Worker/Insulator Asbestos JATC LU 28  
Carpenter Carpenters JATC  
Carpenter Construction Industry Training Council (CITC)  
Carpenter (Formwork) Colorado Contractors Association  
Cement Mason Cement Masons JATC LU 577  
Cement Mason Colorado Contractors Association  
Electrician Construction Industry Training Council (CITC)  
Electrician Denver JATC LU 68  
Electrician Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM)  
Elevator Constructor Elevator Constructors  
Floor Coverer - Carpet or Tile & Wood Carpet & Tile JATC 419  
Glazier Glaziers JATC LU 930  
Heavy Equipment Mechanic Colorado Contractors Association  
Iron Worker Ironworkers JATC LU 24  
Craft Laborer Laborers JATC LU 720  
Painter Painters JATC  
Pipefitter Construction Industry Training Council (CITC)  
Pipefitter Pipefitters JATC LU 208  
Plumber Construction Industry Training Council (CITC)  
Plumber Plumbers JATC LU 3  
Reinforcing Ironworker Colorado Contractors Association  
Sheetmetal Worker Construction Industry Training Council (CITC)  
Sheetmetal Worker Sheetmetal JATC LU 9  

Higher Education

Colorado Mountain College     Occupational Safety and Health
Colorado Northwestern Community College   Energy and Facilities Management Technology
  Industrial Electrician
Colorado School of Mines Engineering and Technology Management
Colorado State University Construction Management
  Manufacturing Technology & Construction MA
Colorado State University - Pueblo Civil Engineering Technology
Community College of Aurora Energy Technology
Community College of Denver Welding Technology/Welder
Front Range Community College Architectural & Construction technology
  Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning
  Masonry Arts
  Welding Technology
Lamar Community College Construction Technologies
Morgan Community College Construction Technologies
  Welding & Fabrication Welding Technology
Pikes Peak Community College Architecture & Construction Technology
  Facilities Maintenance
  Electronics Technology
  Energy Management Technology
Pueblo Community College Construction Technologies
  Welding Technology
Red Rocks Community College Carpentry
  Construction Technology Cluster
  Plumbing Welding
  Welding & Fabrication
Trinidad State Junior College Construction Technology
Aims Community College Building/Construction Site Management
  Electricians Occupations
  Electronics Technology
  Welding Technology
Arapahoe Community College Architectural Technology/Architectural Contracts
  Architectural Technology/Drafting/Architectural Contracts
  Construction Estimating
  Construction Site Supervision/Management
Colorado Mesa University Construction Management
  Construction Technology
Construction Industry Training Council (CITC) Carpentry
  Sheet Metal
Emily Griffith Technical College Apprenticeship Training Division
  Carpet and Tile Layer
  Iron Worker
  Sheet Metal Worker
  College of Trades and Industry
  Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
Independent Electrical Contractors Rocky Mountain (IECRM) Electrician 
Pickens Technical College Construction Technology
  Electrician Occupations
  Heating and Air Conditioning
Southwest Colorado Community College Welding Technology
IntelliTec College (2 locations) HVAC
Redstone College Denver HVAC & Refrigeration