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The Colorado construction workforce needs to add approximately 50,000 professionals over the next four years due to economic expansion and baby boomers leaving the workforce. Construction jobs represent the #1 career growth category in the state. To solve the construction industry’s future need for a growing number of talented construction workers with advanced technological skills we support building programs that incorporate these skills into the curriculum.

CEF intends to work with the experts at International Technology and Engineering Educators Association (ITEEA). They have developed the only standards-based national model for Grades K-12 that delivers technological literacy in a STEM context. The model, Engineering by DesignTM, is built on the Common Core State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards. 

Advanced Construction Technology programs will provide real world construction training and experience for High School students. The future of new construction has become more technical and less physical and as a result Advanced Construction Technology has become more important than ever before.



Over 60% of High School students don’t go on to college or fail to graduate from college. The community recognizes these students are worthy of great opportunities and life beyond minimum wage. 

Advanced Construction Technology programs will engage students at all levels with interest in cutting-edge technical training and skills development. They will receive hands-on training in state-of-the-art equipment and technologies, ultimately leading to significant career opportunities. 

Advanced Construction Technology education creates a benefit for local communities by reducing in-house training expenses, offering a labor pool that is trained with fundamental skills, knowledgeable in best practices in emerging technologies, and focused on productivity and safety. 

Students learn and practice valuable employability skills, including teamwork, communication, decision-making and responsibility. 

Fills the growing need for construction workers to meet the demands of a growing population and related economic expansion. 

School districts where an Advanced Construction Technology program is started will experience high student retention, diversity, and high enrollment numbers. 

Through advanced technology curriculum we can break down the stigma related to careers in the construction industry and provide students with educational opportunities and skills to discover and access rapidly changing STEM-related careers. 


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