Salary Information:
$25.68 (entry level) - $70.08 (experienced) / hourly

What it is:
Do you like seeing something through from start to finish?  Do you like leading and directing others? Consider becoming a superintendent!  Superintendents work on every type of construction project and are responsible for managing the overall construction project.  Superintendents manage schedules, budget, and the day to day construction activities.  Superintendents work with a very wide range of people from craft laborers to project owners.

Work Environment:
Superintendents work on job sites managing the overall project.  Typically they have a job site trailer where they will have some sort of office set up.

Education Opportunities:
Although an associates or bachelor’s degree may accelerate the career path for a superintendent, the most important education requirement is construction experience.

Strong communication skills, time management, ability to understand and resolve complex problems, detail oriented and willingness to work long hours


  • Superintendents can make, on average, almost $95,280 per year!
  • Superintendents & construction supervisors are ultimately held responsible for the work done on a construction project.
  • Superintendent’s salaries vary greatly depending on the type of work and experience.
  • Having a college degree may accelerate the career path for a superintendent, but the most important requirement is construction experience.