Salary Information:
$12.35 (entry level) - $29.44 (experienced) / hourly

What it is:
Do you like building, traveling and being outdoors?  Why not consider a career that is fun and offers financial freedom.  Carpenters measure, cut and shape wood, plastic, fiberglass and drywall.

Work Environment:
Carpenters are involved in many different kinds of construction, from buildings to highways and bridges to power plants.  Carpenters are able to work on every phase of construction.

Education Opportunities:
High school programs, technical schools, community colleges, registered apprenticeships and industry training.

Manual dexterity, physical fitness, hand-eye coordination, and basic math skills.


  • Carpenters make, on average, $40,000 per year.
  • Carpenters work on every type of construction project.
  • Although additional training may be necessary, it is possible to become a carpenter directly out of high school.
  • Carpentry is one of the oldest construction trades and dates back thousands of years.